About Supercars Club Arabia


Our mission is to maintain our status as the most exclusive supercar network in the world, by continuing to provide our members with luxury services and access to the worlds best events and tours.

Supercars Club Arabia (SCA) was founded in 2014 with the vision to create an exclusive supercars network to explore and experience the worlds best roads. Having driven over 40,000 km since then SCA has become the most exclusive supercar network in the world.

Unique Membership Club

SCA has built an international community allowing our members to travel around the world and meet like minded individuals to connect with. Not only can they meet fellow members, the SCA membership also allows our members to access exclusive offers from some of our key partners.


SCA has built partnerships with some of the most prestigious brands across the globe. We connect all of our members to the right people at the right time to ensure all information and transactions take place as smoothly as possible.

Not only do our members get invites to our own events and tours, they also are invited to some of the most prestigious events around the automotive and luxury world.


"I met up with 60 other supercar owners near UAE-Saudi Arabia border, and we were escorted by Dubai Police Supercars - with a LaFerrari leading our convoy - and a helicopter throughout our trip. It was incredible, and that's the moment I decided to quit my job on the radio, and go full time with my social media." - Supercarblondie - Forbes Magazine