SCA is a community of like-minded individuals who want to be able to live their lives in their own way but have a shared interest in the automotive world.

We ensure the quality of our members by having a strict vetting process for all applications. 

Once the vetting process is complete, the SCA membership gives you benefits and perks unlike any other supercar club in the world.

Every member has access to the following services:


‘’Members’’ receive discounts and a priority of booking on all tours.

Being the core of our services, SCA plans a number of driving events each year. The largest event is an international driving tour that spans for 9 to 12 days in the late summertime of each year; routing through the most scenic road drives in the world. A route selected at utmost details. In addition to a weekend tour in the GCC region and access to one-day drives in different locations around the world.


SCA invite its ‘members’ to attend trackdays on some of the most exciting circuits globally.

As a member, you are entitled to attend two free track days per year


SCA travel team offers “Members” access to a number of benefits in over 1,500 destinations around the globe.


As a “Member” of SCA, you will receive benefits and discounts from a number of our automotive partners. Such as discounted tyres provided by Michelin, free brake checks and servicing discounts for all members in the GCC Region with Tyre Plus.

SCA has built up long lasting partnerships with a number of car manufacturers, allowing its members to connect with the right people; thus allowing access to sought after cars.


Whether it is watching the F1 trackside on a yacht, attending the busiest of sporting events, or a private dinner with a Michelin chef, our “Members” benefit from exclusive access to various events internationally.

 Members also have the opportunity to attend special events hosted by our partners, at a first come first served basis.

The lifestyle team at SCA are always in search for events that cohere to our “Members” interests.

Interested in Membership don’t hesitate to Get in Touch.